ENDED: George Cockram

A watercolour of Devils Kitchen. Mountains in the background loom over a lake, of which we only see a little bit, with rocks in the foreground. It's a misty/cloudy day and there's yellow-green heath on the ground.

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From Birkenhead to Anglesey: An artist rediscovered. Curated by Charles Nugent

This exhibition brings together for the first time George Cockram’s paintings from across his career from the 1880s to the 1940s. By the early 1890s, Cockram (1861-1950) was a successful artist with an established reputation. He regularly commanded three figure sums for his works – substantial amounts for the period. Presented chronologically, this exhibition recognises Cockram’s accomplishments and begins to redress his recent obscurity.

This exhibition can be found in Galleries 4 and 5 – extended until Saturday 2nd April 2022.

Born at 51 Thomas Street close to the centre of Birkenhead, Cockram studied at the Liverpool School of Art under John Finnie between 1876 and 1884. He regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and at the Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy, as well as in exhibitions in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and as far afield as New Zealand. His works are in a number of public collections throughout Britain including here at the Williamson, Walker Art Gallery, Ferens Art Gallery, Tate and Oriel Môn.

Much of what is known about Cockram is taken from newspaper articles and reviews, letters and receipts for paintings. These are brought vividly to life in this exhibition and illustrated book by Charles Nugent, which is on sale here. Several of the paintings have been sold and withdrawn from the exhibition, though they are all illustrated in the catalogue with detailed entries; the numbering has been retained to match the published catalogue (available to purchase for £15). All the numbered paintings are for sale.

We are grateful to Charles Nugent for amassing and preserving this incredible collection.

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