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Day 184 IMAGE A DAY of Birkenhead Priory. A beautiful, relaxing image of one of the stunning windows inside the Great Hall of the Western Range How different must the black monks of Birkenhead Prior’s view been almost 900 years ago? An area of deer forests & birch trees. Photo SH

Today is Black Friday. One of the biggest shopping events in the UK calendar.
This 1950 oil on board painting is called 'Black Abstract' by Phillis Purser (1893-1990).

Day 183 IMAGE A DAY of Birkenhead Priory (1150 - 1536). ‘Before & After’: 1) A fascinating illustration of our spectacular Chapter House approximately 200 years ago and 2) A recent photograph. The Chapter House was built in 1150 and used as a meeting place by the Priory. Photo SH

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