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Before & After

Day 237 IMAGE A DAY of Birkenhead Priory, ‘Before and After’ - The Undercroft (c.1200’s): 1) Date: 1920’s by Edward Stewart Bale of Liverpool, a highly regarded early 20th century British photographer. 2) Date: 2020. Showing post 1980’s restoration. Photo 2 by SH.


Today is meant to be the most miserable day of the year due to the long nights, bad weather and the end of Christmas celebrations. To counteract this we thought you would like to see this lovley lady's smile to cheer you up.
Mrs Graham White by William Charles Penn (1877-1968)

Looking through the work of Alan Franks in our audit now, a local artist active in 1970s/1980s and discovered this wintry scene in Birkenhead, also a prize-winner in the Spring Art Competition 1978.
"Birkenhead Shipyard", Watercolour b y A Franks

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