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Day 343 IMAGE A DAY of Birkenhead Priory.
A wintry view of the Chapter House (c.1150) with Scriptorium above (c.1300’s) this year. There had been a recent hailstorm, which covered the grass in silver balls of ice and made the cobble stones and ancient grave slabs shine. Photo SH.

Here a painting to remind you of sunnier times. Sandhills and Butterflies by Alan Franks.
Alan Franks was a well-known Wallasey artist who favoured local scenes.

Day 342 IMAGE A DAY of Birkenhead Priory. The Western Range. The first impression visitors & ferry passengers gained of the Priory over 800 years ago. Surrounded by deer forests beside the River Mersey, it must have been a different world but it’s still so peaceful today Photo SH

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