ENDED: A Day In The Life

composite of the six images in Grayson Perry's print series 'Six Snashots of Julie'. All feature the image of a woman, Julie Cope, at different stages and places in her life. Featured image for 'a day in the life' exhibition

About This Project

Extraordinary pictures of ordinary people.

A Day In The Life takes its inspiration from the newest addition to the Williamson’s collection: Grayson Perry’s ‘Six Snapshots of Julie’, a set of prints capturing moments from the life of the artist’s fictional everywoman, Julie Cope.

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The pictures accompanying Perry’s prints in this display likewise show ordinary people – individuals, couples, families, friends – going about their everyday lives in the places they live, work, and visit on holiday.

Although the subject matter is ordinary, many of these pictures are extraordinary and absorbing, capturing the fleeting events, situations, and emotions we experience every day. They are snapshots of the moments of happiness, sadness, boredom, and contemplation that make up our daily lives.

This exhibition will be in Gallery 13 from Wednesday 2nd February – Saturday 26th March. Entry is free. Please check our Visit Us page for opening times.

About ‘Six Snapshots of Julie’:

This set of large colour woodcut prints by the English artist Grayson Perry has recently been acquired by the Williamson through the support of the Contemporary Arts Society. Grayson Perry has become a well-known artist in the public consciousness thanks to his bold decorated ceramics, bright prints, and tapestries – as well as his documentary television series exploring British art and culture.

In these prints, Perry employs the fictional character Julie Cope as a model for the ordinary British woman; with each print capturing a fleeting moment in her life as if it were a Polaroid photograph.

Given by the Contemporary Arts Society, 2021.

Image courtesy Grayson Perry & Paragon | Contemporary Editions Ltd

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