The Williamson Open 2020 – Online

The Williamson Open 2020

Welcome to the online edition of the Williamson Open Art & Photography Exhibition 2020

Hosting an exhibition online, rather than physically, is a first for the Williamson Art Gallery. Although it cannot possibly replicate the experience of visiting the galleries, our staff have worked hard to document the exhibition in a way which we hope still emphasises the talent and accomplishments of the selected artists.

You can read more in the foreword from Principal Museums Officer, Colin Simpson, in the downloadable catalogue.

Kriterion Prize Winner 2020

two images; black & white pattern tile + painting of a windswept tree

The 2020 Kriterion Prize was won by Derek Prescott’s “Wind Blown Hawthorn” (right) (catalogue entry 199).

Prescott will be awarded with the stewardship of beautiful tile (left), designed by Julia Carter-Preston, for the next year.

Derek Prescott tells us: “My practice involves both plein air and studio work embracing a range of materials and techniques,predominantly acrylic paint.

My recent work takes as its source the ever-changing rhythms of the sea and nature herself. Living next to the River Mersey with an unbroken, uninterrupted view of the Irish Sea, has invoked a passion for the sea and landscape that is hopefully self-evident in my paintings. I try to capture the rich subtleties of natural light, the textures & colours of nature. These elements are carefully balanced & composed to infuse in the paintings a great sense of space and sensitivity to the nature of the place.

As an artist who paints places that I love intensely, my aim is to share this commitment with the viewer. To try and capture the essence of a place or ‘thing’, which allows for instant recognition from the briefest of glimpses. Resulting in a piece of art work that can strike a chord with all that have seen them. To look more intently and be inspired, to visit or more importantly to revisit the places with fresh eyes.”


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painting of blonde woman in brown shirt gazing off to the right
1. Kevin Adams, The Glance, Pastel, £150
painting of small town on high land surrounded by channels and pools of water
2. Barbara Allan, On the Rocks, Acrylic, £400
view of Liverpool Town Hall down castle street including traffic lights and pedestrians
3. Geoffrey Allen, Castle Street, Liverpool, Watercolour, £130
sparrow on branch with some green leaves and red berries on white background
4. Geoffrey Allen, Sparrow, Mixed/Watercolour & Acrylic, £130
buildings drawn in yellow, white, black and grey
5. Kay Andrews, Glasgow School, Cut papers with pen & ink, SOLD
black and white woodland with large brown tree in foreground
6. Kay Andrews, Black Tree, Graphite with pen & ink, £250
Reds, blues and pink in very bold style. Liver bird has open mouth and teeth
7. Mark Ashcroft, Liver Bird, Acrylic/Oil/Pastel, £195
Black and grey view of St George's Hall portico
8. Mark Ashcroft, St. John’s Hall black and grey, Mixed Media, £195
Painting of orang utans sitting on crates by Port of Liverpool
9. Sue Banks, Displaced II, Oil on canvas, SOLD
black and white drawing of tree trunk
10. Alla Barkova, Spirit of the Tree from Oxton, Black ink and standard paper, £140
Black ink drawing of a tree trunk bent resembling knees
11. Alla Barkova, The Dancing Tree from Oxton, Black ink and standard paper, £140
night scene, people in shadow colours with bright neons in air and reflecting on pavement.
12. Hazel Barrett, Escape the Crowds, Pastel & Acrylic, £275
black and white drawing of an Italian hill town, buildings stacked high vertically against hillside
13. Steve Bayley, Amalfi Coast, Ink, £350
three white vases with surfaces cracked in different ways
14. Philip Bell, ann aquilittoral dryankle, plaster/polyurethane/resin, £NFS
painting of polar ship with workers walking past
15. Christopher Bellew, Sir David Attenborough, Polar Ship I, Watercolour, SOLD
painting of orange polar ship in the river flanked by smaller boats
16. Christopher Bellew, Sir David Attenborough, Polar Ship II, Watercolour, £175
black and white lino print with strong graphic lines of a small boat in shallow harbour
17. Peter Betts, Belmullet County Mayo, Lino print, £50
black and white sketch of a sitting man
18. Peter Betts, Life Class, Reed pen & ink, £150
yellow background, yellow sun in centre partially obscured by multicoloured twig-like plants
19. Ann Blake, Sun Rise, Acrylic, £295
realistic drawing of head of a lion
20. Ann Blundell, Tonga, Zimbabwe, Coloured Pencils, £NFS
blurred trees with yellow and blue background
21. Yvonne Body, Thurstaston Pines I, Textile, felted merino, silk, £NFS
green fields, blades of grass clear in foreground, white clouds in light blue sky
22. Yvonne Body, Park Fields, Parkgate, Textile, felted merino, silk, £NFS
Painting of man building stone wall
23. Alan Bowyer, Stone Man, Watercolour & Ink, £NFS
view from a French country balcony over fields, table and chairs with red and white check tablecoth with oranges and red wine
24. Malcolm Briscoe, Bonne Journée, Oil, £350
painting of a country lane through fields, cart parked next to a large bare tree
25. George Brooks, Back in Time, Watercolour, £130
Young woman with short brown hair in black vest holding hands near to face
26. David Brown, Elisabeth, Oil on panel, £150
woman with blue scarf around head wearing red shirt, in profile rest head on hand
27. David Brown, Francesca at Oriel, Oil on panel, £150
A grey day in an empty forest, bare trees, a few golden leaves left.
28. Ken Bryning, Storeton Woods, February 19, Oil on canvas board, £145
orangey-brown and blue abstract resembling sand/mud at shoreline
29. Mary Bryning, Tideline, Collagraph stitch, £100
rounded geometric shapes, fitting together loosely into a rectangle, in blues and orangey-browns
30. Mary Bryning, The Stones Remain, Textile/machine embroidery, £95
elevated view across green fields and trees with hills in background
31. Elisabeth Bultitude, From Follaton to Dartmoor, Acrylic on canvas, £NFS
sketch of Venice canal drawn vertically across page of a book
32. Alison Butler, My Life, Venice, Ink on text, £60
poster of Star Wars imagery: tie fighter, yoda, Mandalorian and others
33. Alex Cady, Mandalorian, Digital vector art, £40
red sky, single tall building with people standing outside
34. Peter Cameron, The Wedding House, Pastel, £225
Man crouching on pavement looking out while people walk past in background, blue pavement and background
35. Peter Cameron, Self Portrait of a Pavement Artist, Pastel, £225
still life of a vase of tulips, bowls, a blue-and-white spotted jug and lemon
36. Lizann Carter, Indian Silk, oil, £125
Orange fruits with stalks and green leaves in a white bowl on a dark table
37. Lizann Carter, ‘Juicy’, Oil, £125 £110
pebbles on a beach
38. Michael Carter, Low Tide, Watercolour, £110
Portrait of a woman on a beach in white headdress and dress with necklaces
39. Kevin Chester, Baiana, Oil, £3700
black, white and green glasshouse with plants
40. Anna Clark, Botanica, Acrylic and print, £195
grey day, bare trees, yellow buildings in background
41. Anna Clark, Passing By, Acrylic and print, £125
white building with square tower surrounded by trees, hills in background
42. Norman Comyns, Tuscany, Oil, £120
people cycling past two square-gabled houses and next to river or canal bank
43. Chris Couch, Delft : Achterom, Oil, £NFS
bust of a woman wearing earrings and necklace
44. George Cresswell, Princess, Teak Wood & Painted, £NFS
two hummingbirds and a bee fly by a flowers and a tap on a yellow-orange background
45. George Cresswell, Humming Birds, Oil & Acrylic, £180
Realistic painted portrait of a man with a short white beard
46. Derek Critchley, Bob Connah, Oil on Gesso Board, £1000
pastel of a white-blonde woman wearing a furry multicoloured coat
47. Yvonne Crowhurst, Mulitcoloured Dream Coat, Oil/Pastels/Pencil, £80
face-on portrait of Mo Salah
48. Nicholas Daly, Mo Salah, Oil, £NFS
view of a mountain
49. Heather Davies, Cumbrian Spring/Fleetwith Pike, Oil on board, £210
impressionistic painting of a woman lying on her back
50. Rob Davies, Languishing, Oil on canvas, £250
Looking across water, grey clouds but blue skies coming into view
51. Leslie Devonport, Passing Storm, Watercolour, £300
view of a farm building, gate, two blue vans parked up
52. George Drought, 2 Blue Vans, Pen & Watercolour, £95
view across Hamilton Square lawn to Town Hall
53. George Drought, Hamilton Square, Pen & Watercolour, £185
view of water in white adn blue, matching sky, trees or land in background
54. Julia Duerden, Still Summer, Watercolour, £250
pine trees
55. Julia Duerden, Forest Lake, Watercolour & Ink, £260
Mountain, all back with snow-capped peak
56. Carol Emmas Arenig Fawr Mixed Media £90
Black mountain, snow-capped peak
57. Carol Emmas, Arenig Approach, Mixed Media, SOLD
collage of felt and threads
58. Joan Ellis, untitled, Handmade Felt, £NFS
Grey shed surrounded by tall flowers and plants
59. Fioretta Evans, The Walled Garden (Royden Park), Watercolour, £75
colourful interior: striped walls, chequered floor
60. Faith Everest, Interior in Cadiz, Acrylic, £98
sunset on beach, boat beached with tide out
61. Ronald Eyre, Tranquil Sunset, Oil, £NFS
Portrait of a woman with short grey hair in a light blue shirt
62. Ronald Eyre, Doreen Mantle, Oil, £300
Portrait of young child in pink shirt, tie and grey waistcoat
63. Rita Fair, Fraser, Oil, £NFS
people sitting at cafe tables, red decor
64. Regina Fattorini, Paris Café Rendevous, Oil, SOLD
lake surrounded by tall trees and mountains in background
65. Tony Fennell, Still Waters, Oil, £200
Track by fields and a big tree turning brown
66. Tony Fennell, Autumn Fields, Oil, £200
woman's head emerging from water with a ball at her neck
67. Michael Fenner, Genius Loci 2, Acrylic, £495
woman's head submerged below eyes in water, wearing a gold band on forehead
68. Michael Fenner, Genius Loci 3, Acrylic, £495
waves from sea crashing against rocks
69. Clare Flinn, Between Sea & Land, Acrylic on board, £325
impressionistic yellow field with white church in background
70. Clare Flinn, The Sound of Church Bells, Acrylic on board, £285
Flowers in a jar against white backgrounf
71. Louise Flood, Whiskey, Acrylic, £345
view of a beach from grass-covered dunes
72. Louise Flood, Cymyran Beach, Acrylic, £145
buildings superimposed on Texan flag
73. Robert Fraser, Texas, The Lone Star State, Acrylic and pen, £NFS
Asian-style circular pattern
74. Julie Frost, OM, Acrylic on canvas, £280
Portrait of a young man in glasses, shirt and jacket
75. David Galvani, Marco, Oil on canvas/board, £NFS
sculpture of food tines painted white, some open with moss
76. Howard Gardener, Seven Deadly Tins, Mixed media, sculpture, £450
reproduction of a clarinet
77. Howard Gardener, Clarinet, Paper, card, foamboard, sculpture, £400
White, black, blue still life of pots
78. Margery George, Pots, Mixed Media, £170
Black & white abstract mountains
79. Stephen George, Welsh Landscape III, Collagraph print, £75
Abstract shapes in muted tones
80. Stephen George, Fragile Masculinities, Acrylic on canvas, £150
Detail of tree showing bark at different levels
81. Ann Gilchrist, Silver Birch, Acrylic on canvas, £NFS
82. Jude Gill 'Flourish' Porcelain £450
83. Jude Gill 'West Kirby Wunderkammer' Mixed Media £250
Misty woodland with autumn leaves across the floor
84. Irene Goodier, Melancholy Misty Morning, Acrylic, £160
Man in high-vis vest on public transport
85. Jacob Gourley, Homebound, Oil on canvas, PRIZEWINNER
two scenes of grids in Tokyo
86. Jacob Gourley, Tokyo, Oil on canvas, £395
Shop fronts on a steep street in blue
87. Patricia Gregory, Berties, Robin Hood's Bay, Drypoint, £95
Cat pawing at fish in a pond
88. Patricia Gregory, Curiosity, Hand coloured linocut, £95
Paw print through which we can see a lion in the sights of a gun
89. Vanessa Grundy, The Future's in our Hands, Acrylic, £250
White and blue-ish mountain scene
90. Irene Hall, Spring Comes to the Alps, Mixed Media, £180
abstract white folded form
91. Jayne Hannay, Imaginary Sea Form, Stoneware, £80
stacked white bowls
92. Jayne Hannay, Growth, Porcelain, £50
Still life of jugs and eggs in brown tones
93. Isabel Harris, Still Life With Eggs, Oil, £1500
Portrait of a young man with dark hair
94. Isabel Harris, James 2014, Oil, £2000
View in muted neons like looking out of a blind
95. Barbara Harrison, Coast, CGI on canvas, £175
small waterfall in river by green fields
96. William Harrison, River Conwy at Betws y Coed, Oil on panel, £NFS
Tiled roofs of a town
97. Linda Haynes, Old Carcassonne, Coloured pencil, £180
neon street scene with black silhouette of figure with bike
98. Ken Henshaw, L8. 81., Water oils on canvas, £160
Autumn leaves on a branch
99. Angela Hinchcliffe, Les Feuilles D'Automne, Linocut, £85
two black feathers
100. Angela Hinchcliffe, Still Life at Ebbtide, Linocut, £95
Three panels of a red-haired woman against greens and yellows
101. Brian Hinton, Summer Midnight Trilogy, Oil on board, £150
woman in headdress against stormy sky with a ship
102. Brian Hinton, When Your Heart Sets Sail …, Oil on board, £125
Lots of people under a shelter, hiding from rain
103. David Hodson, The Rain Attraction, Acrylic, £140
Various turreted buildings and a man holding an Echo page reading "The Changing Times"
104. David Hodson, The Changing Times, Acrylic, £140
Focus on white & blue swirling skies across sea/ beach
105. Christine Holme, After the Storm, Thurstaston Beach, Acrylic, £550
Black sculpture of intertwined figures
106. Janet Holmes, The Kiss, Ceramic, £120
African women walking past a tree where monkeys are taking food from the baskets on the women's heads
107. Michael Horgan, Monkey Business, Inks & Watercolour, £175
Looking up at a tree in full leaf
108. Damien Howard, One Bird, Acrylic on canvas, £NFS
Chiaroscuro portrait of man with cigarette in his mouth
109. Jay Hurst, As I Am, Self Portrait, Oil, £2700
man in profile, dark hair & green shirt
110. Jay Hurst, Preliminary Colour Sketch for "The Green Man", Oil, £1500
black of nude reclining woman
111. David Jackson, Life Study (Nina), Soft Pastel, £80
path through woodland
112. David Jackson, Wirral Walk, Acrylic on board, £265
View of a calm sea with sun rays reaching through clouds
113. Phil Jackson, West Shore Llandudno, Oil on canvas, £300
Focus on 5 yellow tree trunks amidst pink flowers in a wood
114. Lawrence Johnson, First Light, Acrylic, £300
red sky, orange hills & trees, blue bridge
115. Lawrence Johnson, The Blue Bridge, Acrylic, £300
Backs of people sitting on a bench & looking at paintings in a museum
116. Susan Johnson, Royal Academy Viewing 1, Acrylic, £100
view out to sea, reflection of sun
117. Britany Jones, West Kirby Front, Acrylic/Mixed Media, £230
blonde woman face-to-face with brown horse
118. Laleh Kamalian, I See You!, Mixed Media, £300
ginger & white cat
119. Linda Kavanagh, Waiting for Mum, Watercolour, £NFS
blue sky with light clouds, top of the Liver Building
120. David Kean, Celebrating, Acrylic, £90
black rectangle with yellow surround - print
121. Jessica Keeler, Clarity II, Mixed Media, £265
view of a beach under greyish sky
122. Stephen Keenan, The Beach at Malltraeth, Anglesey, Oil, £250
wide expanse of sand & low water
123. Stephen Keenan, The Headland at Aberdaron, Llyn Peninsular, Oil, £250
Portrait of young Robert Plant
124. Wendy Kelly, Robert Plant, Oil, £NFS
plant against sci-fi-esque black & white backdrop
125. Jonathan Kennedy, Ghosts of the Gladioli 3, Pencil/Watercolour, £850
portrait of old man with long hair & beard
126. David King, First Sleep, Pastel, £NFS
portrait of a man with white hair in a blue tshirt
127. Derek King, Sheriff Peter Cameron (Artist), Acrylic, £NFS
object on a counter
128. Sam King, Inside : The Prison Workshop, Ballpoint, £NFS
Sculptural feet/shoes
129. Shona Kirkham, Remembering the Forgotten (1), Mixed Media, £75
sculpture of child's shoes
130. Shona Kirkham, Remembering the Forgotten (2), Mixed Media, £35
dark figures swirling in light, or maybe in a wave
131. Albina Kumirova, Search for Light, Oil, £295
Figures in a tunnel of clouds reaching out to light from a star
132. Albina Kumirova, Light from Heaven, Acrylic, £590
Red panda on a branch
133. Ania Kurasinski, Red Panda, Coloured Pencil, £NFS
back of a nude figure with shawl draped through arms
134. Corinne Lands, Shawl, Graphite on paper, £125
Nude man sitting in profile
135. Corinne Lands, TJ Sitting, Graphite and ink on paper, £125
beige background with small square image of trees
136. Vincent Lavell, Postcard Painting Empuries, Oil & Hammerite on board, £160
beige background with small square of a sculpture in trees
137. Vincent Lavell, Postcard Painting Statue of Asclepius, Oil & Hammerite on board, £160
Photorealist portrait of a man
138. David Lawton, The View in Winter, Oil, £1500
Photorealist portrait of a man in a red jumper
139. David Lawton, The Sculptor, Oil, £1500
Black & white print impression of natural pattern
140. Gwilym Lloyd, We're Coming To See You, Print Mono, £NFS
painting of bridge reflected in river below
141. Annie Long, Ironbridge Gorge, Pastel, £NFS
Venetian-style figures in profile, looking towards each other.
142. June Lornie, Love Is…, Mixed Media, £500
three brown chicks on a tree branch
143. Hing Yee Luk, Three Little Chicks, Watercolour, SOLD
three plums
144. Susan Lunt, Plumlicious, Acrylic & Pastel, £85
two bright figures in a dark room, sitting on a sofa
145. Peter Macaulay, Two Figures, Oil/Acrylic on canvas, £900
three pink figures sitting against bright blue wall
146. Peter Macaulay, Three Figures, Oil/Acrylic on canvas, £900
waterfall falling onto rocks with bridge crossing overhead
147. Owen Mageean, Ashgill Force - Cumbria, Oil, £220
waterfall flowing through autumnal scene
148. Owen Mageean, Aira Force - Cumbria, Acrylic, £200
folksy bright drawing of a bird on branch
149. Marie Mairs, Magical Bird, Colour Pencil, £125
black & white chaotic figures in midair
150. Jane Mason, Flight of The Spirits, Ink, £230
painter walking to work, pink and blue sky
151. Alexander May, The Painter On His Way to Work at Leasowe Lighthouse After Van Gogh, Oil Paints/Oil Pastels on paper, £135
woman in white coat, all black & white except face & background tree
152. Philip McCarthy, A Woman in a Warm White Coat, Pastel, £NFS
stylised woman with thick dark hair against gold tones
153. Peter McDonough, Golden Girl in Silk, Mixed Media, SOLD
white patterns on blue sea
154. Nicola McGovern, Seascape 1, Papercut, £295
White lighthouse in sea against blue backgrop
155. Nicola McGovern, Perch Rock, Papercut, £95
seascape, sunny day, by beach
156. Eileen Metcalf, Wind Rising Over The Rivals, Pastel, £75
Portrait of young person sleeping
157. Jeff Midghall, Collapse into Now (Serafin Sleeping), Oil on canvas, £2800
Portrait of a man in glasses
158. Jeff Midghall, The Actor (A portrait of Christopher Matuszewski), Oil on canvas, £800
John lennon surrounded by Imagine lyrics
159. Brian Minnery, Imagine, Mixed Media, £375
Flowers stitched across a page of a book
160. Emma Mitchell, Treasure Island, Hand Embroidery, £95
flowers embroidered onto page of a book
161. Emma Mitchell, Spy-Glass, Hand Embroidery, £90
Portrait of woman in blue turban with long dark hair
162. Peter Mitchell, Scheherazade, Oil on canvas, £500
Hexagonal panel of blues, greens, whites descending into vortex
163. Katarzyna Miturska, Depth of Time, Oil, £150
Forest of birches in the snow
164. Nigel Morris, Silver Birches I Thurstaston, Mixed Media, £235
view of green mountains from across a lake
165. Nigel Morris, Snowdon from the South Llyn Nantelle Uchaf, Oil, £220
woman sitting on single-person sofa with feet up, against wallpaper backdrop
166. Mark Moynihan, Moth, Oil on canvas, £1850
167. Mark Moynihan, Momento Mori, Oil on cotton paper, £395
Two puffins on a rock
168. Pauline Murphy, My Rock, Pastel, £110
boat silhouetted against sunset, multicoloured sky
169. Pauline Murphy, Preparation to Sail at West Cheshire Sailing Club, Mixed Media, £180
Red page with white ghost figures
170. Holly Murray, Ghost, Print, £NFS
sculpture of a doll-like collapsed figure with long legs
171. Michelle Murray, Cosmic Guardian, Sculpture/Mixed Media, £200
Pastel of pink flower & green leaves against black background
172. Vivienne Netherwood, Tulips, Wet felted/needle felted wool, £100
3 sea holly plants against beige background
173. Vivienne Netherwood, Sea Holly, Wet felted/needle felted wool, £125
view of a path, gate into a field, small wall and trees
174. Kate Noonan, View from Troutbeck, Acrylic, £150
Boat moored in shallow water with two ducks flying past
175. Dennis Oakes, The Polly, Oil, £450
two boats in water at sunset
176. Dennis Oakes, Fort Rosalie and St Helena at West Float, Oil, £450
Very large wave in middle of ocean
177. Lynne Oldham, To Sea for My Father, Watercolour, £125
Linocut of green, yellow, blue short-lined patterns
178. Martyn Overs, Take A Look In The Mirror, Linocut, £300
Linocut of yellow, orange and green short lines, creating female figures
179. Martyn Overs, I Changed My Mind, Linocut, £300
nude woman with head on knees in blues & purples
180. Geoff Owens, Alone, Acrylic, £60
black and white alleyway between houses
181. Zoe Padmore, Alley 1, Fibre tip pen pointillism, £400
still life of cups, jugs & blue bowl with strawberries
182. Patricia Parry, Blue Bowl, Oil Pastel, £170
Rain at sea, all dark colours
183. Rosey Paul, Storm Abating, Felt, £250
Beach with rain in background
184. Rosey Paul, After the Rain, Felt, £295
4 rows of 4 identical butterflies
185. Pamela Pauling, Travelling Butterflies, 1920's Vintage Map, £85
collage pattern squares
186. Pamela Pauling, Black Waves, Glass/Resin/Paper, £46
Sea 7 sky in shades of blue & white
187. Zoe Pearson, Melody (West Kirby 1), Oil on canvas, £75
sea & sky in shades of blue & white with birds flying across water
188. Zoe Pearson, Chorus (West Kirby 2), Oil on canvas, £75
imitation stone (sand-coloured)
189. Nicky Perrin and Angela Stringer, Irby Quarry, Mixed Media, £850
three quarters sky across green & brown marshes
190. Janine Pinion, Break : Burton Marshes, Watercolour, £800
three quarters blue sky over light brown & gold land
191. Janine Pinion, Cracked Sky, Watercolour, £800
Brown mountain with green trees at the bottom and blue water
192. Ruth Piper, Skiddaw, Oil on canvas, SOLD
Three nude standing women
193. Michael Pittman, Three graces, Mixed media, £450
nude figures standing by river with dove over head of central figure
194. Michael Pittman, False baptism, Mixed media, £950
Lily pads on a pond with tall reeds
195. Ruth Piper, Razmataz, Oil on canvas, £150
View of river with mountains in background
196. Stephen Powis, Ribblehead, Acrylic, £150
Very tall and straight sculpture next to significantly shorter one.
197. Carla Pownall, Odie and Friend, Mixed Media, £450
Black sculpture, like an oval with legs, flat
198. Carla Pownall, Serendipity, Mixed Media, £320
stone wall next to green field, tree blowing at sharp angle across both
199. Derek Prescott, Wind Blown Hawthorn, Acrylic, £500
impressionistic wide waterfall
200. Alison Quatermass, Waterfall, Watercolour, £100
beach and calm sea but grey clouds
201. Alison Quatermass, Eoropie, Isle of Lewis, Watercolour, £50
impressionistic lake & grey sky
202. Diana Ratcliffe, Storm Over the Lake, Watercolour, £150
sad face painting in clown-like colours
203. Martin Regan, The Inevitability of Loneliness, Mixed Media, £NFS
young trees in light snow
204. Anita Reid, Dark and Light of Winter, Acrylic, £645
bluebells and young trees
205. Anita Reid, At the Edge of the Woods, Acrylic, £345
man in flat cap sitting on a bus
206. Jason Richardson, The Man on the 432, Oil on board, £150
mountain and blue sky reflected in lake
207. Dave Roberts, Tryfan Over Llyn Idwal, Pastel, £600
Abandoned roofless buildings on mountainside
208. Dave Roberts, Barracks at Cwmorthin, Snowdonia, Pastel, £450
Impressionistic grasses and seas
209. Kate Roberts, Hilbre from Royal Liverpool, Encaustic & oils, SOLD
path through woods with bare trees
210. Zoë Roberts, Winter Woodland Sunset, Acrylic, £90
Abstract, blue and yellow
211. Terry Russell, Floating World, Etching, £160
close-up on woman's face
212. Volodymyr Saliy, Portrait of Joana, Oil, £550
textile of 5 houses and a family walking
213. Maria Saunderson, Homeless Christmas 1958, Vintage Textiles/Embroidery, £NFS
four houses fronted in barbed wire, 6 figures holding hands
214. Maria Saunderson, Dementia Street, Vintage Textiles/Embroidery, £NFS
woman in blue dress holding baby but head obscured with picture of a wasp
215. Mark Sheeky, The Last Madonna, Oil, £2000
surreal figures throwing objects at screaming main in the sky
216. Mark Sheeky, God Being Killed by Theists and Atheists, Oil, £3000
small boats in a harbour
217. David Shiers, Mevagissey Harbour, Cornwall, Mixed Media, £525
Three boats on sand
218. David Shiers, Boats, St Ives, Cornwall, Mixed Media, £525
patterns of dark blue, orange-brown and yellow-green
219. Rafal Sierakowski, Islands for Venus, Acrylic, £480
posts buried in sand going out to sea
220. Helen Smith, An Estuary Walk, Fused Glass/Glass Powder, £395
golden beach, blue sea, light blue sky
221. Helen Smith, A Golden Day, Fused Glass/Glass Powder, £230
Old man in white shirt and hat sitting at a table in the sun with beer and plates of food
222. Jim Smith, Jack's Last Jaunt, Acrylic, £NFS
white and red vertical drips
223. Jo Smith, Disappearing, Acrylic & Earth, £600
skull in profile casting shadow
224. Stephen Snow, The Skull, Acrylic, £150
woman standing outside in a coat with dark hair, her face in profile, black and white
225. Stephen Snow, Margaret in Reflextion, Graphite, £80
green plants growing against pink sky, trailing at bottom like roots
226. Lorna Soar, Casa Rosa, Wool & Silk, £250
brought coloured (orange, red, yellow & others) sky with blue wave creashing through. Boats in water in foreground
227. Robert Soar, Wave, Acrylic, £160
still life on objects in title on a white table
228. Dennis Spicer, Coffee Figs Daffodils and Bonnard, Oil, £500
nude woman sitting on a stool in a workroom, in profile
229. Dennis Spicer, Against the Light, Oil, £500
river flowing through mountainous green valley in sunshine
230. Philip Stanton, Nant Peris, Snowdonia, Oil, £1900
outdoor planter with big green leaves
231. Philip Stanton, Green, Oil, £595
pink page covered in various patterns
232. Ursula Starr, Swoosh and Glide, Drypoint, £120
black and white trees, loosely sketched
233. Ursula Starr, Formby Forest, Drypoint, £140
woman with dark hair and black dress standing against a black & white striped background, light coming from her right hand
234. James Stenhouse, The Light of The Witch, Digital Painting, £65
sculpture of a white house on a rusted metal plank
235. Pamela Sullivan, House, Found Metal & Porcelain, £275
three lines of three houses, black and white
236. Pamela Sullivan, Ouses 'Ouses 'Ouses, Print, £75
woman with eyes obscured in black, diagonal grid across surface
237. Barbara Swan, Be careful when you follow the masses, sometimes the "m" is silent, Relief print on toilet roll, £50
men and women in a bar, drinking, smoking and interacting
238. Rob Symington, A Club Night, '88 (After Blackburn), Mixed Media, £270
Looking up at the cathedral in sunshine
239. Rob Symington, Liverpool Cathedral, Mixed Media, £270
young man with dark hair, glasses and a grey jumper, sitting in relaxed pose on green garden chair
240. Christopher Tattershall, Youth, Oil, £NFS
smiling woman with dark hair, grey background
241. Christopher Tattershall, The Young Miss Watkins, Oil, £NFS
horizontally long abstract daubs in oranges, yellows and browns
242. Miza Tavares, Heat, Oil, £400
grassy hillside in yellow
243. Dorothy Taylor, Full Tilt Under a Dirty Sky, Oil on canvas, £350
reeds emerging from water by woods
244. Dorothy Taylor, Reedbed with Radiating Ripples, Oil on canvas, £NFS
impressionistic water at night composed of many colours
245. Sally Thompson, New Brighton, Acrylic, £225
portrait of the actress Maggie Smith
246. Julie Thornton, Maggie Smith, Acrylic on canvas, £175
man, white smoke appears to be coming from his most & ears. Fire surging upwards towards him in centre of picture
247. Marcus Usherwood, Snowblind, Acrylic & white spirit, £950
crucified pan, appears to be decomposing
248. Marcus Usherwood, The Cost, Acrylic, £NFS
reddish cluster of seeds on a plant
249. Anita Varey, Seedheads II, Mixed Media, £35
reddish cluster of seedheads on a plant
250. Anita Varey, Seedheads III, Mixed Media, £35
briches in dark, blu-ish wood
251. Olga Vasieva, Evening, Birches, Pastel, £290
montage of building roofs/ tops sections (as if looking straight on)
252. Jo Vickers, Theatrescape, Acrylic, £395
bulding fronts in beiges and blues
253. Jo Vickers, Oxton Tryptych, Acrylic, £240
view down at a yellow pier into light blue sea
254. Frances Walden-Jones, A Very Windy Day in Llandudno, Acrylic, £600
blakc & white drawing of Priory wall & trees
255. Ron Wakley, Birkenhead Priory, Pencil, £180
black & white sketch of wood in blue water
256. Dale Walker, Driftwood - Green Island, Ink & Watercolour, £NFS
Portrait of a man against blue wall
257. Sue Watson, Phil, Acrylic on canvas, £120
beach - sand, dune grasses, sea, mountains in background
258. Sue Watson, Thurstaston, Oil on canvas, £85
white lines on black background of man with a beard
259. Phoebe Weaver, Da Vinci's Modern Man, Acrylic Ink on paper, £70
bright light vertically shining between two dark shapes (likely trees)
260. Sally Weaver, Forest Light, Mixed Media, £200
calm sea meeting empty beach
261. Judith Welham, Traigh Mheilein, Harris, Acrylic & Chinagraph Pencil, £400
woman lying in bath, facing away from us, red decor & rug on floor
262. Judith Welham, Woman in the Bath, Oil on canvas, £260
dark pink and orange floral arrangement
263. Lesley Weyman, Floral Symphony, Alcohol Ink, £85
sculpture of a round shell
264. Garry White, Ammonite, Mixed Media, £695
sculpture of horse's head
265. Garry White, Horse Head, Mixed Media, £695
painting of a skull, face-on
266. Sam Whitham, Losing the will to live, Oil on board, £700
view of a harbour wall with tide out, buildings & fences
267. Jody Whittaker, On the Brick Docks, Watercolour, £145
black of a woman's head, hair in bun, earring dangling
268. Jody Whittaker, Girl with a Silver Earring, Acrylic, £110
rectangles of colours & linear pattern
269. Breda Whyte, Scapes, Digital Print, £80
yellow, smoky sky & landscape with black sun
270. Philip Wilkinson, Black Hole Sun, Acrylic on canvas, £300
tree growing on top of a door, roots surround it, sun & moon in the sky
271. David Williams, Evie’s Tree, Freehand hand embroidery, £NFS
three boats pulled onto sand, group of figures standing around one
272. David Williams, Laying Up, Acrylic, £250
black and white dog playing on beach
273. Mary Williams, Monty, Acrylic, £NFS
portrait of a woman
274. Tilly Wilkinson, Kerry, Oil on board, £150
branches obscuring green background & sun
275. Tilly Wilkinson, Woodland Winter Sun, Vitreous enamel on copper, £175
close-up of pink flower on a bush
276. Sarah Wood, Paeonia Suffruticosa, Watercolour & Gouache, £295
close-up of brown leaf covered with droplets of water
277. Sarah Wood, Fagus Sylvatica, Beech Leaf, Watercolour & Gouache, £295
white silhouette of bird with open wingspan against blue background
278. Simon Worth, More Than An Oyster Catcher, Digital, £250
silhouette of a cockle picker against a boat in shallow water
279. Malcolm Young, Cockle Pickers, Pen & Ink, £145
marsh in blues and greens
280. Chrissie Youngman, Parkgate Marsh, Mixed Media, £300
dancing couples in pink
281. Chrissie Youngman, Dancers, Mixed Media, £200


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black & white, sun on stone circle
282. Glyn Ackroyd, ‘Stone Circle – Berwyns’, £160
black & white double-vision of hyacinths
283. Glyn Ackroyd, Still Life 1 - Hyacinth, £160
dark tree in front of building
284. Anne-Marie Allison, Prado, Madrid, £30
large rocks against blue sky
285. Anne-Marie Allison, Rock, £30
top of a stupa with prayer flags & an eye painted
286. Stephen Anton, Nepal Stupa, £NFS
driftwood ship on beach
287. Steve Bayley, Black Pearl, £65
yellow torso of a shop mannequin on a chair
288. Simon Banks, Torso, £120
close-up of a flower
289. Simon Banks, Poppy, £120
abandoned umbrella on floor
290. Mark Brennan, Umbrella Fella, £125
abandoned factory building
291. Mark Brennan, Lost Property, £125
292. George Brooks, Pistyll Rhaeadr Falls, £40
black & white view of Liverpool waterfront, Mann Island central
293. Ken Bryning, Canning Dock Liverpool 2019, £45
view of volcano between branches of a tree in daytime
294. Elisabeth Bultitude, Vesuvius from Sorrento, £30
cacti in low bright sunshine
295. Elisabeth Bultitude, Cactus Garden, Lanzarote, £30
small waterfall
296. Calum Busby, Ffestiniog Falls, £36
full bright moon next to old church
297. Calum Busby, Look, it's Supermoon!, £36
figure high in mountains on flat section
298. Alison Butler, Solace, £80
road lined by tall bare trees
299. Patricia Byrne, The Avenue, £75
man in tshirt, hsorts & backpack walking along sunny stony beach
300. Amanda Byrne, A Lone Traveller – Heswall Beach, £NFS
man in cricket whites with bat, raising arms & smiling, next to stumps
301. Amanda Byrne, 85 - Not Out!, £NFS
details of unidentifiable object on beach
302. Benedict Cadwallader, Scream, £40
bulrushes by water as sun sets
303. Diane Cady, Twilight Time, £35
ornate stone dam with several arches
304. Diane Cady, Dam over the River Vrnwy, £35
close-up of a kingfisher in a tree
305. Graham Carter, Halcyon moment beside the River Mersey, £45
close up of starling in a tree
306. Graham Carter, Agent Starling, £45
sunset glowing orange, dark tree in foreground
307. Teresa Chadwick, Tranquility, £NFS
white flowers on a green stem
308. Teresa Chadwick, Springtime Gaiety, £NFS
gate and national trust sign up to a castle on a steep hill
309. June Chesters, The Long Winding Road, £NFS
symmetrical closeup of what appears to be insect or fish jaws
310. David Coleman, Malevolence, £80
sky with a dragonfly
311. David Coleman, Southern Hawker (male), £80
dog wrapped in a blanket
312. Iain Critchley, Wet Dog, £30
view upwards at corner of Mann Island, pointing into sky. Black & white
313. Andrew Crothall, Latitude, SOLD
wave white walls, plant silhouette
314. Gaynor Davies, Paintworks, £140
view out of car windshield with rearview mirror
315. Gaynor Davies, Oh, MG!, £100
bare tree standing alone
316. Hugh Davies, Upstart Crow, Newborough Sands, £NFS
portrait of woman with a nose ring & red tassel earrings
317. James Deegan, ‘face’, £40
face-on black & white photo of elephant
318. Alex Donnelly, Wild African Elephant Bull in Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya, £45
319. Alex Donnelly, Panthera tigris sumatrae, Chester Zoo, £55
two people sitting on a bench playing accordions wearing horse head masks. A child is watching
320. Michael Dore, In Awe, £70
looking out over loch
321. Peter Drought, Peaceful Evening Beside Loch Eil, £195
dark view out over loch
322. Peter Drought, Looking Towards Kinlocheil, £195
boar resting on rocky, grassy ground
323. George Evans, Sunset at Sheldrakes, £70
tree between rocks
324. George Evans, Brimham Rocks Infrared, £70
black & white blurred action shot
325. Vicky Evans, Swing, £NFS
boat on mud at sunset
326. Stewart Everitt, Catching the Sun, £40
view through bridge of two figures illuminated in sunshine
327. Stewart Everitt, Walking the Loopline, £40
black & white, basketball players
328. Dan Frost, Basketball in Greenwich Village, £NFS
two men playing chess
329. Dan Frost, Chess in Washington Square Park, £NFS
man sitting playing accordion
330. Noel George, Morose Musician, £75
roses, colours bleeding
331. Noel George, Rose Water, £75
locust on a leaf
332. Derek Jackson, Smiler, £25
wave crashing over walkway at New Brighton, black & white
333. Graeme Kenna, Big Wave (Storm Ciara), £70
man playing trumpet into microphone
334. Graeme Kenna, The Stand In, £45
wet street at night lit by lights, man walking
335. Shona Kirkham, Scott, £75
doorstep, stones and poster on a door
336. Corinne Lands, Sumptuous Buffet – Islington 1974, £150
black & white, scruff looking dockland building
337. Corinne Lands, Dockland Childhood, £150
Yellow saturated image, figure walking through
338. Bryan Lewis, Another Place, £325
Impressionistic photo pf castle through trees
339. Bryan Lewis, Ewloe Castle, £325
sun shafts through clouds onto sea
340. June Lornie, Sky Dancer, £70
black & white station platform
341. Marie Louise Mairs, Chester Train Station 8am Start, £50
black background, ballerina in red jumping
342. Peter Marsh, Grand Jete, £75
red bridge across lake surrounded by autumnal trees
343. Jane McKellar, Glorious Autumn, £25
black & white view of man in strong podes, in room surrounded by windows
344. Lucjan Miturski, Mystery, £120
woman sitting with her back to us, sun shining in through windows
345. Lucjan Miturski, Sunset Beauty, £120
black & white view over beach to sea
346. Richard Nuttall, Vista, £70
night, oil boat lit up, in dock
347. Dennis Oakes, Tranmere Oil Terminal 5am, £65
goat on slate against mountain backdrop
348. Susan Oakes, Dinorwic Slate Quarry Llanberis North Wales, £65
venice street, washing line crossing canal
349. Susan Oakes, The Washing Line Venice, £65
view across long shore of rocks up to castle, black & white
350. Barry Quatermass, Dunstanburgh Rocks, £55
lake and rushes
351. Barry Quatermass, Plas-y-Brenin, £55
white snowy scene
352. Mark Reeves, Beach, Snow and Mountains, £120
Impressionistic cafe photo, colours all neutral & blur into each other
353. Mark Reeves, Disused Café, 68.23˚N 13.24˚E, £150
two figures (probably children) silouhetted on edge of lake against a tree
354. Barbara Roberts, A day at the lake, £50
reflection of Port of Liverpool building
355. Barbara Roberts, Reflections of Grandeur, £50
black & white, stormy sea against lighthouse
356. Darren Roberts, Untitled, £NFS
stream through snowy forest
357. Mark Simms, Winter Wonderland, £80
two young children & a dog by half-buried Iron Man statue at Crosby beach. Black & white
358. Holly Simpkin, ‘Another Place’ to have a Race…, £NFS
reflections of canal, trees & bridge, superimposed on each other
359. Barbara Singleton, Memories of the Waterways, £75
yellow and red bowls with waved edges
360. Barbara Singleton, Bowls, £75
sunset sky with pylons accentuated in white
361. Victoria Smyth, Pylon Sunset, £40
small pinkish clouds against blue sky
362. Victoria Smyth, Cloudscape, £30
close up of centre of a plant, yellow pollen stalks
363. Kelsang Sonam, Each Little Flower That Opens, £20
view of Liverpool from across the river with bright blue sky dotted with small fluffy clouds
364. Kelsang Sonam, Marmalade Skies, £20
black & white shot of a man playing electric guitar, face obscured by hair
365. Carl Southworth, Paul, £NFS
black & white shot of a man singing into microphone & playing guitar
366. Carl Southworth, Calum, £NFS
stream flowing between bare trees
367. Angela Stringer, Frosty Day at Loggerheads, £75
mist through dark trees with a few red leaves left
368. Angela Stringer, Golden Haze at Loggerheads, £75
two cormorants, one sitting down & other poking its beak in
369. David Swift, The Lovers, £80
man dressed for morris dancing, black face paint around eyes
370. David Swift, The Morris Dancer, £80
very young child sitting plaid print chair looking out the window
371. Alexis Tomley, Intrigued, £NFS
wall, bright blue sky, orange life ring
372. Dave Venables, Location 105, £80
stairs leading up along brick wall outside, plants growing around
373. Michael Waring, Stairway to…, £NFS
very orange sunset
374. Lesley Weyman, Burbo Bank Sunset, £60
be on plant stem
375. Lesley Weyman, Bee, £50
orange and green butterfly, wings blurred as if flying
376. David Williams, Butterfly in Motion, £35
ginger cat walking across black floor
377. Jacqueline Wright, Atticus 'Master Of All He Surveys', £NFS
owl with orange eyes
378. Jacqueline Wright, Observe and Reflect, £15
looking up towards round window with grid onto blue sky
379. Michelle Wright, Spiral, £30
view across water towards other shore
380. Holly Youngs, Reflections at Tarn Hows, £40
bright blue crashing wave
381. Holly Youngs, The Gap, Southern Ocean, £40

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