Wirral Society of Arts: Members’ Exhibition 2020

Wirral Society of Arts: Members’ Exhibition 2020


Wirral Society of Arts has a long-standing relationship with the Williamson and has been holding exhibitions in the galleries since 1950. This year we are unfortunately unable to open a physical exhibition due to Covid-19 restrictions. With this online exhibition, however, we are still able to share members’ outstanding work with you.

The Wirral Society of Arts has been the premier member organisation for the arts on the Wirral since 1948. It was established as an exhibiting opportunity for professional and semi-professional artists by Will C. Penn. Visit their website and Facebook for more information.

Purchasing Work

Many of the artworks in this exhibition are available to purchase.

If you are interested in buying an artwork, email arts@williamsonartgallery.org with full listing details (including catalogue number). You will be contacted with details of how to make payment and arrangements for delivery or collection of work.


Full details of each listing including medium, dimensions and presentation are available in the catalogue which can be downloaded via the link below.

Village street scene looking towards a white pub, buildings on the left are also white and there are cars parked on either side of the street. Trees visible behind the pub & the sky is a beige colour
1. Chris Bellew, 'Eastham Village', £180
Painting of the entrance to Lady Lever gallery - a neo-classical style colonnade with people walking towards it. Cars parked on the right.
2. Chris Bellew, 'Lady Lever Art Gallery', £180
Sunny scene on an allotment garden with various plants growing, a green shed and some terracotta pots scattered around.
3. Anne Bonner, 'Allotments', £120
Stone steps lead up to a light wooden summerhouse with large plant pots out in front. Plants grow all around each side of the painting with trees melting impressionistically into the sky at the top.
4. Anne Bonner, 'Summerhouse', £120
Scene of trees and plants around a lake in different shades of blue. Lake in the middle is much lighter and reflective, and the sky is a red-pink-yellow blend.
5. Roland Brandom, 'Blue Lake', £210
White tree trunks visible from over what appears to be a body of water, quite an abstract rendering. Trees in background are darker and sky in light blue with a mountain visible in the background.
6. Roland Brandom, 'Trees', £210
Portrait of a nude woman standing against a black background. Her left hand is raised & touching her upper chest. Her head is turned to the right and she has short brown hair with shaved sides up to ear line.
7. David Brown, 'Elisabeth - Hand Raised', £95
White wall on a street with blue shutters closed. Blue wheelbarrow parked in front and a stack of what appear to be paving tiles on the right hand side.
8. David Brown, 'Old Shop, Alonissos', £90
Still life or a cleat bowl next to three oranges on a white folded cloth on a wooden surface against a dark grey wall.
9. Susan Brown, 'Still Life', £150
A corner of a room with yellow walls and grey floor tiles. Bright light is coming in from a large window on the right-hand side wall. Objects in the room include a dining chair upholstered in blue, pegs with a straw hat and pink fabric hanging, a broom, a watering can and some red shoes,
10. Susan Brown, 'Sunshine', £150
Rock formations in dark gry, sky is grey and foreground appears misty. Fields visible in the background.
11. Mary Campbell, 'Rock of the Hoodie Crow, Iona', £140
Dark land, rocks in a circle/bay shape in the front with llight being cast onto white space in the centre. Dark mountains in the background with a bright orange glow coming from the right hand side of the sky,
12. Mary Campbell, 'White Strand of the Monks, Iona', £140
Flat plane view of artists tools on a tabletop - paints, water, brushed in a cup & pallette. All are rendered non-realistically.
13. Anna Clark, 'Artist's Table', £130
Bright block colours, flat plane, cubist-like painting of vases on a table with tulips and other flowers
14. Anna Clark, 'Pots and Flowers', £130
Bowl. Copper inside and dark blue outside, with gold leaf applied to a ring both inside and out.
15. David Cowling, 'Copper Bowl in Gold Leaf & Blue', £60
Bowl. Dark mauve on outside and lighter, speckled mauve inside.
16. David Cowling, 'Mauve Fall-Through Bowl', £60
Painting of a brick wall with a wooden square door/window large in centre, boarded up.
17. Derek Critchley, 'Barn Door', £400
View of grassland with bare trees standing on their own in the background. Sky is dark blue at the top, moving into pale yellow then pink at horizon line.
18. Derek Critchley, 'Hawarden Estate', £2000
Dark blue lino with white details of sea, birds, groynes and opposite shore.
19. Gillian Curry, 'Caldy Beach', £175
Dark blue, lighter blue and gold swirl background with trees outlined in white across surface
20. Gillian Curry, 'The Climbing Trees', £165
Two light green vases on a lighter green table, filled with bright yellow & light pink flowers against a dark blue background
21. Hilary Dron, 'Summer Roses', £260
Bright, big watercolour flowers against white background.
22. Hilary Dron, 'Tulips', £700
Stems of purple flowers against blue, white and yellow watercolour background
23. Julia Duerden, 'Imaginarium', £220
Painting of Liverpool waterfront, focusing on the Three Graces, as seen from across the river.
24. Julia Duerden, 'Liverpool Waterfront', £330
Fantasy underwater scene of a nude woman, half her body is covered in some kind of scales, broken chains on her wrists. She's floating above a stone floor with gold in a space behind her. Behind that are two mythical statues and two other fantasy/style women crouching down.
25. Mike Fenner, 'Genii Locorum: Resurgam', £750
Background is a shop front saying "Lou Sivvers Saleroom", inside is brightly lit and silhouettes of people are visible. In foreground is a pool of water with a column coming up on the right hand side of the painting and a woman with golden hair holding something in her hand looking out at us.
26. Mike Fenner, 'Genius Loci 4', £600
birds-eye view of an apple and pear sitting on a blue-and-white patterned plate on a dark brown surface.
27. Clare Flinn, 'Apple & Pear on a Plate', £195
Birds-eye view of a cut pear, whole pear and lemon on a blue patterned plate on a dark grey surface.
28. Clare Flinn, 'Pears & a Lemon', £195
Bright green hillside and grey path with bright purple flowers dotted in, all under blue sky with light clouds.
29. Christine Gallagher, 'After The Rain', £231.25
All dark grey with a line of white & blue through centre, from which tall lines to represent smokestacks turn up and appear to also be reflected below.
30. Christine Gallagher, 'Smokestack - Living in the Shadows of Stanlow', £462.50
View of fields & sky painted from a high vantage point. Looking over a patchwork of green fields with sun falling at varying points from clouds. Sky is mostly clouds, some dark grey & some white, with blue sky in top left.
31. Pamela Gregory, 'From Ravens Barrow', £350
View towards three mountains, one on right is darkest & one in background is covered in clouds. Sky is grey cloudy. Foreground is a green field with a path through it,
32. Pamela Gregory, 'Towards Langdales', £350
Housefront on a street, path is sloping but door and two windows are straight, Door & window frames painted blue, bunting hanging across. Outside is a yellow wooden chair, pots and plants.
33. Patricia Gregory, 'Bertie's, Robin Hood's Bay', £75
Two rowboats pulled up on wheels onto cobbles, outside two buildings - one white with black frame & the other brick. Sky is bright blue. Style is very block colours.
34. Patricia Gregory, 'Robin Hood's Bay', £95
Blue background with dreamy, apparently illuminated flowers across top and right side, also a column left-of-centre.
35. Laura Hickman, 'Midsummer Night's Dream', £225
Meadow, striped colours top to bottom: blue, yellow, orange, red. Foreground is slim stalks with white flowers.
36. Laura Hickman, 'Rainbow Meadow', £250
view of a single boat on a flat body of water, reflecting clouds.
37. Phil Horton, 'Calm Evening on the Dee', £185
Green field with cows grazing under blue sky with white clouds.
38. Stuart Irwin, 'Greasby From Arrowe', £750
Fields with cows grazing in foreground, sky is mostly blue with a few individual white clouds.
39. Stuart Irwin, 'Greasby Looking South' £850
abstract scene of a river running vertically though painting with dark brown plants either side, leading into a greyish sky.
40. Val Kosh, 'Dusk Over the River', £850
Abstract view. Grey scene with a line of black shapes through the centre spiking up & down like plants. Marks on the foreground of painting like cracks & small white petals.
41. Val Kosh, 'Misty Morning, Nantwich Lake', £750
Graphite black & white drawing of a nude woman, sitting slight slight recline, right leg is bend up & peft is on floor
42. Corinne Lands, 'Sophie (1)', £100
Nude man standing full-length, in profile to left, crossing left hand up to right shoulder
43. Corinne Lands, 'TJ Standing', £125
Pencil, true-to-life drawing of a teddy bear
44. Chas Mason, 'My Teddy Bear', £700
black background with an angel painted. Split a little like stained glass into bodily sections with black bands between. Colours are very bright, based on white
45. Jane Mason, 'Lotus Baby Angel', NFS
Bright day scene of a river, fields and trees.
46. Jane Mason, 'Rhayader Mid Wales', NFS
Blue painting. Back of a woman's head is visible, hair is light and cropped short -all shades of blue. Across the foreground of the painting are short horizontal lines, like distortion
47. Gerard McGregor, 'Her Again', £350
Top part is conventional painting of white blossom on the end of tree branches. Lower becomes distorted by horizontal bands of different colours across same image - lighter blue in centre and pink at the bottom
48. Gerard McGregor, 'New Beginnings (First Blossom Of The Year)', £1500
Mountain scene. Growth of green/orange plants is visible on foreground mountains, those in background are taller and darker.
49. Barbara Meynell, 'Mountain Light', £240
Bright blue sky, view over red rock formations and sand on shoreline into blue water on left hand side
50. Barbara Meynell, 'Red Rocks', £240
head-on view of a fighter plane coming down to land on a runway
51. Nigel Morris, 'Record Breaking Phantom FG1', £250
side/front view of a green fighter plane with a red nose flying slightly tilted above a runway with green grass either side
52. Nigel Morris, 'Returning Home at Low Level, P51B Mustang', £195
Collage-style beach scene. Foreground is beach with topless woman standing. Background two windsurfers are on the sea
53. Francis T Mullen 'La Grande Motte, South of France', £1,750
4 men launching a small boat into the sea from shore against waves.
54. Vincent Nevin, 'Into the Tide, North Yorkshire', £225
Plane in a hangar with scaffold & platforms set up around, with women working on it all around.
55. Vincent Nevin, 'Women in Defence Training, RAF Cosford 2019', £225
View from top of a path through a field heading towards the sea of a large white cliff covered in grass at the top
56. Kate Noonan, 'Sussex by the Sea', £175
A river passing through trees, trees bending across river have golden-brown leaves.
57. Kate Noonan, 'Where the River Bends', £175
High hills/mountains with a tree line in the foreground, half the trees have green leaves and half have brownish-orange
58. Dennis Oakes, 'Buttermere', £245
Three brown, black & white ducks walking across muddy ground
59. Dennis Oakes, 'Wigeon', £245
black-and-white drawing of an alley between houses, cobblestone path, walls along left hand side and fence along right, you can see more houses too.
60. Zoe Padmore, 'Alley 1', £400
Looking down an alley between houses which is in shadow towards a house you can see the corner of, plus a telegraph pole, house behind that and blue sky
61. Zoe Padmore, 'Alley 3', £500
abstract, soft cloudy scene of white clouds with a black mountain top rising above, sky is dark grey
62. Catherine Taylor Parry, 'Awst II', £600
soft view of white clouds with black land, sky is very dark with black rain coming down.
63. Catherine Taylor Parry, 'Mawrth', £350
sky filled with clouds in varying shades of grey, light seeming to break through the middle. Line of dark land crossing across very bottom of painting
64. Janine Pinion, 'Dusk: Merge' £275
Sky with some grey clouds but light blue sky visible in centre. Viewpoint heading towards low-centre of painting, can see beach and land in very lowest point of painting
65. Janine Pinion, 'Headlands', £325
Ridge of a mountain top, green/brown, meeting white clouds just above it, valley visible to left-hand side
66. Dave Roberts, 'Morning Clouds over Y Lliwedd', £640
flat, calm, dark blue lake, at one end is a mountain standing on its own in even darker blue, vegetation around the rest of the lake is autumnal golden-brown
67. Dave Roberts, 'Tryfan in Blue', £640
small river running down a hillside with small waterfalls, river creek is very rocky & there's rocks on either side, with trees and grass beyond
68. Harry Robertson, 'Landscape in Snowdonia', £2000
thin waterfall running along black rocks with trees on one side and a mountain in the background, under a grey sky
69. Harry Robertson, 'Waterfall in February', £2000
pattern piece in dark blue and burnt-dark orange, blue makes waving, swirling pattern across page
70. Terry Russell, 'Archipelago', £52
abstract black and grey pattern slightly reminiscent of pebbles
71. Terry Russell, 'Lockdown MMXX', £52
girl in a blue jumper & jeans riding a bike through a park, with a lawn with beds of pink flowers behind her and a background of trees.
72. Sue Sareen, 'Girl on Bike', £250
two young girls in swimming costumes sitting on a shallow ridge between pools of water with seagulls flying around, very blue sky with white clouds
73. Sue Sareen, 'Girls and Gulls', £350
Collage of buttons in various colours & sizes
74. Kath Shaw, 'Monica', NFS
Black & white marble-like patterns
75. Kath Shaw, 'Rise', NFS
view of Liverpool skyline in distance from across the river, long view of sand in foreground
76. David Shiers, 'Liverpool from New Brighton', £450
View of the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Central Library & Wellington's Column
77. David Shiers, 'William Brown Street', £450
black & white, moon shining, plants in foreground highlighted against an otherwise white backdrop, some silhouettes are black & others white
78. Jo Smith, 'Ephemeral Moon', £600
abstract blended pinks, reds & whites suggesting a field with some plants highlighted
79. Jo Smith, 'Ephemeral Nature (Autumn)', £600
bright blue background with nine strawberries set out in a 3 by 3 grid taking up most of the canvas
80. Rob Symington, 'Nine Strawberries', £200
bright blue background with painting of a toy cheetah
81. Rob Symington, 'Young Sprinter', £200
Abstract in earth tones (dark-reddish-yellowy browns, greys & spots of turquiose)
82. Diana Terry, 'Rock Earth Water', £1250
Small owl sitting on a fence post secured by a rope with green foliage in the background
83. Marion Tuffrey, 'Little Owl', £295
Face of a sheep with very curled horns
84. Marion Tuffrey, 'Swaledale Tup', £220
Dandelions and orange flowers in green foliage
85. Olga Vasieva, 'May', £360
glass vase filled with daffodil buds
86. Olga Vasieva, 'Spring', £220
Dark grey, light grey and orange block colour print with white lines showing houses & black of flats
87. Jackie Wagg, 'How We Live', £85
roofs of buildings in a town including a rectangular church tower with hills in the background
88. Jackie Wagg, 'Sussex Town', £500
circle of pebbles with twigs placed around outside secured by gum or tack, all set up on grey surface
89. John Whitehill, 'A Clearing in the Woods', £600
painting of three cardboard houses and 5 artificial trees, secured by gum or tack, all set on a blue cloth which folds into the backdrop
90. John Whitehill, 'Three Houses Five Trees', £500
Abstract in orange showing geometric shapes floating & gathered in space
91. Geoff Wilde, 'Driving', £175
abstract in orange & brown, shows a moon & series of geometric shapes on ground underneath
92. Geoff Wilde, 'Harvest Moonscape', £175
2-level sculpture - background on one tile showing white flowers, green grass & reeds reaching into sky, in front of this is a flat hare sculpture. All mounted on a wooden pedestal
93. Tilly Wilkinson, 'Blackthorn Hare', £175
red flowers in a glass vase against bright blue backdrop. Effect is that everything is slightly out of focus
94. Tilly Wilkinson, 'Summer Flowers', £120
yacht in a choppy sea being caught by a wave & listing hard to one side
95. David Wilson, 'Starboard', £200
Nazi fighter planes in the sky, unclear what they're firing at as it's turned in a different angle, could be a city.
96. David Wilson, 'Stukas', £120
thistles looking brown
97. Sarah Wood, 'Changing Seasons', £345
yellow flowers with large leaves with green foliage behind them
98. Sarah Wood, 'Helenium', £345
still life of a basket of clementines, a wine bottle and a pitcher
99. Roger Young, 'The Clementine Basket', £275
still life of lemons on a dark wood shelf against a black background. Some lemons are in a pot, with one lemon on shelf on either side, also one lemon has been cut in half and half is placed on either side of the pot, with one turned so we can see the inside.
100. Roger Young, 'The Lemon Shelf', SOLD
Williamson Art Gallery, Oxton, Birkenhead, Wirral