Visitor Favourites

Visitor Favourites is a space for you to discover more about some of the objects our visitors, staff and volunteers have selected as their favourites in the Williamson collections. Each visitor and contributor have given an explanation of why they love it in their own words, and the entry gives more art-historical background on its origins.

From painting to sculpture to musical delights, the range of objects in our collections is vast. Some are only rarely able to be displayed, though they may appear as part of our “Under The Stairs” series of monthly talks. These tangential talks offer a new way to discover the objects in our collections and offer surprising and fascinating discussions! (Please note that these events are currently postponed due to Covid-19).

You can discover even more information about objects from the collection by visiting our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with new content.

We also feature many artworks on our Facebook page – take a look, you may find your own new Visitor Favourite there.

Right now we’re running a poll to find the next addition to this archive – click to view the nominees and cast your vote! Voting closes 18th September.

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