Ancient Egypt Loan Box


Our Ancient Egyptian Loan Box contains the following items:

  • Pharaoh costume
  • Cat statuette with hieroglyphs
  • Scarab amulet
  • Set of 4 miniature metal god statuettes; Anubis, Horus, Bast, Osiris.
  • Set of 4 canopic jars
  • Hieroglyphs poster
  • Set of 12 god statuettes; Nefertoum, Anat, Tatenen, Gueb, Monthou, Khnoum, Apademak, Isis, Heh, Anouket, Sokaris, Oupouaout.
  • Tutankhamun statuette

None of these items are genuine Ancient Egyptian artefacts and can be handled in the classroom, although some are fragile, so care should be taken.

This loan box is still under development and new items will be added.

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If you would like to book this loan box, please contact Lynn McGinn via email or call 0151 666 3537 before placing your order.

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