Victorian Tinder: A Talk

About This Project

Victorian Tinder continue’s the Williamson’s The Things That Live Under The Stairs series of talks.

From 1819 to 2019, from the age of steam to today’s media driven, technological society, we have advanced so much in the last 200 years?  Artist Pamela Sullivan asks are we really that different from our Victorian counterparts?
Using artefacts from the collections at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum and images from social media sites, she will look at how we interact as human beings, the phenomena of Internet dating, the cult of celebrity and our desire to publicise our actions and those of others in a public forum for entertainment.
Join Pamela for fun, frivolity and a look at the darker side of human nature on a journey across 2 centuries.  Are we any different from the Victorians? You decide!

THE THINGS THAT LIVE UNDER THE STAIRS:  Tangential talks inspired by the Collections

This talk is part of a series of monthly lectures taking places on the third Thursday of the month at the Williamson Art Gallery. Artefacts in this collection currently reside in the basement of the building. These objects rarely, if ever, see the light of day and are a curious mix indeed!

To find out more about the series, or other talks at the Williamson, check our Events pages.

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