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Get into a new FRAME of mind!

Impressionist painting of a rocky outcrop jutting into the sea on a bright day

Will you join us to make a real difference at Birkenhead’s cherished Williamson Art Gallery, a treasure trove of local making and beautiful art, old and new?

Here, works of local, national and international significance are displayed, free for all to see, so that we can all share in the ideas and emotions that created them and learn more about our own cultures and social history.

Right now, the Gallery needs your support. A number of important paintings have already been brought back to life by expert conservation, but now sadly cannot be displayed because their frames are either damaged or missing. Through this crowdfunder we want these beautiful pictures to see the light of day for the first time in many years, so that they can tell us their stories.

The first of these is seascape ‘Pen Men, Ile de Groix’ by French impressionist Henri Moret, which has not been on public display for over 50 years. The painting has recently undergone conservation to clean its surface and restore it to the evocative colours with which Moret depicted this wild Atlantic shoreline.

A new, high quality frame for this painting will cost £1000, and forms the first part of this crowdfunder. The frame may seem expensive but it needs to enhance the painting visually, for display in the Gallery, and provide the highest level of protection from mechanical damage, airborne pollution, and acids from framing materials, so as to preserve and protect the painting for future generations.

If we reach reach this initial target, we can push on and raise more essential funds for frames for other pictures, currently sitting in the Williamson’s store, including: a gripping painting of the laying of the foundation stone of Birkenhead docks; and a woman’s portrait with a hidden secret on its reverse. These and hopefully other works will be added to this page, depending on progress thanks to your generous support over the next two months.

Williamson Art Gallery & Museum