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Four years on from its first appearance, Davy and Kristin Maguire’s Starkers returns to the Williamson. 

In 2015 the Williamson won, by an overwhelming majority, an online vote to house an installation by multimedia artists Davy & Kristin McGuire for the October Museums at Night.  It was a step outside the gallery’s more conventional exhibition programming and created a phenomenal amount of interest, and we’re delighted to bring it back for 2019.

Using digital projections these innovative artists with an international reputation bring to life one of the gallery’s marble statues, known as Pauline.  They create a monologue asking questions about perfection and the female form, voyeurism and the ‘normality’ of depictions of nude women in art.  The figure changes clothes and makes references to other women and artists, who appear in the gallery by her side.

Davy and Kristin say: “We are excited to resuscitate Pauline once more! Giving her a voice back in 2015 has since set us on a path of doing more face projection mapping, reinterpreting other characters and what we think they would have to say. Most recently the figure we animated with projections could even interact with its audience by talking back to them. So it’ll be nice to go back to where it all began and hang out with the lovely staff at the Williamson who made it all possible.”

The exhibition will run from Saturday 15th June – Sunday 14th July, Wednesday – Sunday 10am-5pm.

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Photo: Graham Smillie

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