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Schools and Colleges

The Williamson is the perfect place to visit to inspire creativity and stimulate cross curricular teaching and learning for schools and colleges.

We offer a range of activities for staff and pupils to enhance access to the galleries and promote interaction with the museums’ collection.

Schools and Colleges

Teachers- Working on Gallery

Teachers are invited to work independently throughout the gallery and museum and we actively encourage the use of the collection as a creative stimulus for cross curricular teaching and learning.

Current Workshops- KS1- KS3 from the Permanent Collection

The learning officer can deliver a number or engaging workshops to introduce and develop learner’s critical thinking and art appreciation skills. The workshops can be tailored to complement cross curricular topic work and add value to core subjects.

* Investigating Art- Introduction to the Gallery and its collection

* Della Robbia Pottery- Exploration of the country’s biggest collection of art pottery made in Birkenhead.

* Sculpture- Introduction to the Galleries collection

* Portraits- Introduction to the galleries collection

* Ancient Egypt- Introduction to the galleries collection

Handling Sessions-KS1 – KS3

The learning officer can deliver an interactive handling session to complement your visit and to develop questioning and observational skills.

* Sensational Sculpture, Egyptian Artefacts, Ceramics and Portraits

Discovery Trails

The gallery has a number of themed paper trails to support your journey around the gallery and to introduce themes within the collection. Our current offer includes…

* Della Robbia, Sculpture, Local Maritime History and Animals in Art

Flexible Offer

We can accommodate morning /afternoon or whole day visits and can provide a lunch area, art room and accessible toilets.

Art studio

Access to the art studio can be arranged subject to availability.


Wirral Museums Service has great links with artists in the community who can be booked as part of your visit. They can deliver a class workshop to develop key art skills alongside teaching staff and to complement cross curricular topic work. Current workshop formats include 2D and 3D sculpture, drawing and painting. Workshops can be undertaken in school and/or in the art studio. Workshop prices start from £75- £250.

To find out more about schools or college learning within the Williamson, please contact

Kathy Heywood- Learning Officer

Tel: 0151 666 3521


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