Liverpool, City State: A Talk

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September’s installment of “The Things that Live Under The Stairs” considers the history and psychology of Liverpool, looking at key themes and events which have shaped the city.

Rob Burns’ talk will be an insightful look at the themes and history that influenced Liverpool’s development into the World Heritage Site it is today. What characteristics define the city, as both historic legacies and contemporary manifestations of ‘Liverpoolness’?

The story of Liverpool’s development contains many tales of commerciality, innovation, adaptation, radicalism, edginess and purposefulness. From creating the world’s first commercial wet dock in 1715, to the deliberate ostentation of the Three Graces, to the Beatles shaping American music into the sound that would shake the world, the city has always been able to find “the Liverpool way”. This talk will explore the events that have defined this through the centuries, and the psychology and circumstances which shape this intangible concept.

The talk will particularly focus on the four key themes of mercantile culture, migration and the triangular trade, the docks & waterfront, and intangible heritage assets.

Rob has been working in Liverpool for almost 20 years, first with English Heritage and for the past 8 years with the City Council. During that time he has been involved with all the major transformational schemes in the city centre such as Liverpool One and the waterfront developments, as well as thematic projects such as new schools and housing throughout the city.

Liverpool, City State takes place on Thursday 19th September at 7pm. Tickets are £3 on the door. The Williamson Cafe will also be open for food from 6pm (cash only).

THE THINGS THAT LIVE UNDER THE STAIRS:  Tangential talks inspired by the Collections

This talk is part of a series of monthly lectures taking places on the third Thursday of the month at the Williamson Art Gallery. Artefacts in this collection currently reside in the basement of the building. These objects rarely, if ever, see the light of day and are a curious mix indeed!

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