Jack Coburn Witherop ‘Grey Cubic Landscape’

Grey, cube and rectangular shapes box-shaped buildings stacked on top of each other with a green hill in the background against a dark sky in broad brushstrokes.
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This was the first entrant to the Visitor Favourites collection nominated by the public. The options for the vote were taken from the ‘Architecture’ theme which was showcased on our Facebook page.

Comments from voters included:

Jayne: “I felt it was an unusual interpretation, and the choice of colour is perfect for that.”

Elaine O’Hagan: “I like the way this modernist style captures the sense of an ancient village tumbling down a hillside.”

Jack Coburn Witherop (1906-84) studied at the Liverpool School of Art 1924-30, and then with a scholarship to the Royal College of Art, 1930-3. He won a travelling scholarship to Rome, studying there for several months including carrying out some restoration work at the Vatican studio. From 1936-39 he rented a studio in St Ives and produced several paintings of Cornish harbour subjects. During WWII he worked in the Air Ministry. In 1945 he began part-time teaching at Liverpool School of Art and was involved in restoration work at the Walker Art Gallery.

There will be more options for public polls coming soon on the website and Facebook page.

Biographical information adapted from Cornwall Artists and Sarah Colegrave Fine Art.

More paintings by the artist can be viewed at Art UK (where much of the Williamson’s collections can also be found).

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