How Come We Didn’t Know?

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This touring exhibition of photographs by Marion Macalpine focuses on how global corporations are buying up our NHS.

How Come We Didn’t Know? explores how privatisation is encouraged by the latest major NHS reorganisation. It shows how ‘free trade’ deals will speed up this process.

How Come We Didn’t Know? runs in the Community Gallery (gallery 14 & cafe) Wednesday 4th March – Sunday 5th April. Like all exhibitions at the Williamson, is it free entry.

There will also be two talks by Judith Varley expanding on the exhibition on Friday 13th March 2.30-3.30pm and Friday 3rd April 2.30-3.30pm

About the artist: Marion Macalpine is a London-based photographer who combines art photography with community and political issues. After a career in critical management research and teaching in the public and voluntary sectors, she is now using photography to raise and communicate critical concerns. These include the reconstitution of our public terrain as a marketplace, and how consent to this process has been managed, exemplified in the sell-off of the NHS. She also undertakes personal projects.

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