Harold Hopps ‘Kirket Lane, Bebington, Wirral’

Kirket Lane, Bebington, Wirral
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Harold Hopps’ painting have been regularly featured amongst the paintings we’ve shared on the Williamson’s Facebook and Twitter pages since March 2020. In January 2021 we ran a public poll for visitors to select their favourite of his works. ‘Kirket Lane, Bebington, Wirral‘ was the winning painting.

Comments from voters about this painting included:

Wendy Wright: “I feel I could walk straight into this scene, can feel the path underfoot, the warmth of the dappled sunlight, and perhaps hear the church clock chiming or the bells ringing. Maybe the red coated figure ahead is on the way to church. A lovely picture with promise ahead.”

Eric Baldwin: “I spent some of my childhood birdwatching with my uncle in this area. Lovely memories.”

Trish Jones: “A beautiful representation of Kirket Lane. I grew up here, so happy that some of those ancient trees are still there.”

Linden Milner: “it is such a lovely, peaceful scene and very evocative of past times.”

David Fallon: “Close to where I went to school. I like the interplay of the old view and my memories – hard but yet possible to imagine it as a rural area. There’s a hint of a pilgrimage in the image.”

Harold Hopps (1879-1967) spent several decades documenting the changes to the landscape around him, especially his home town of Wallasey. “Kirket Lane, Bebington, Wirral” was painted in 1930.


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