Graham Dean, ‘Foreign Correspondent’

a watercolour of a man in a white shirt leaning out of a window looking over a square filled with people, shown in shades of grey, walking in various directions.
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Corinne says “Graham Dean makes watercolour painting exciting and vibrant – not just with his choice of strong colours but with the sheer scale of his work. Foreign Correspondent was the first piece by him that I’d ever seen and I’ve been a total fan ever since – thank you Williamson Art Gallery for introducing me to his work!”

Graham Dean (b. 1951) is a watercolourist who worked on a large scale, concerned with the human figure and using a bright palette. Dean attended Laird School of Art , 1968–70, was at Bristol Polytechnic faculty of art and design for three years, was a full-time painter from 1974, then in 1991 was awarded a Senior Abbey Award in Painting at British School in Rome for 1992. Dean was also involved in a number of films and collaborated with Darshan Singh Bhuller of London Contemporary Dance on several productions.

Foreign Correspondent was included in “The Green Room”, an exhibition of Dean’s work held at the Williamson from 29th September – 5th November 1995. The gallery subsequently bought this piece with support from Art Fund. Dean’s watercolours are typically significantly larger than you would expect from a traditional watercolour – Foreign Correspondent measures 141cm x 163cm.

Image of an exhibition catalogue in a blue sleeve. There are two holes in the blue where we can see a green background and the words "Graham Dean" and "The Green Room".

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