Cultural Education Challenge

About This Project

In collaboration with Curious Minds, the Williamson Art Gallery are encouraging schools to get onboard with the Cultural Education Challenge.

Get a FREE Plaque for your school , when you take up the Cultural Education Challenge. Does your school want to get on board?

What is the Cultural Education Challenge?

Arts Council England is leading a national campaign encouraging schools to work with Arts and Cultural Organisations. The mission?… to make sure ALL children and young people have the opportunity to create, compose, perform and visit.

Curious Minds

Curious Minds

Who are Curious Minds?

Curious Minds are the regions Cultural Education agency, our role is to help schools who are as passionate about arts and creativity in education as we are.

How can my school get involved?

Two of the easiest ways for schools to engage is to register for Artsmark and start your Artsmark Journey, or to deliver Arts Award in your school – which has levels suitable for all children and young people aged 4 to 25.For more information about these programmes, see our website or visit:



We’re already have great cultural education in our school … what next?

Celebrate it! To recognise and celebrate those schools who take up the Cultural Education Challenge, Curious Minds has created a plaque (see below) for display in your school building. The plaque allows you to highlight to students, to parents and to visitors the wide range of arts and cultural experiences that you offer for children and young people. These plaques are available free to schools attending Artsmark Development Days or Arts Award Advisor Training.

Stickers for different experiences, opportunities or partnerships can be added to the plaque as you develop your cultural offer; for example, an Artsmark sticker is available for those that are registered or have achieved a level for Artsmark. There is also an Arts Award sticker, if you are delivering Arts Award, and a SLiCE sticker for schools who have appointed a specialist leader. We are also offering arts and cultural organisations across the region the opportunity to produce their own stickers, so that meaningful partnerships with schools can be acknowledged and highlighted on the plaque.

To start your Artsmark Journey, register here:

To find Arts Award Advisor Training, go to:

If you would like to speak to someone about either Artsmark, Arts Award or the Cultural Education Challenge Plaques, please contact:

Hanna Lambert – Programme Administrator


Tel: 01772 827001

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