ENDED: Birkenhead Park 175

March 1st – April 8th

photograph from a display case showing two paintings by Keith Gardner of Birkenhead Park.

Birkenhead Park was built during a time of rapid industrial and economic growth in Birkenhead. Although the town is very different today, Birkenhead Park is largely unchanged. As per the original vision of its creators, Birkenhead Park remains a garden for the people.

For 175 years, Birkenhead Park has provided a free to access space where all members of the public can enjoy the benefits of being in nature. This small exhibition celebrates the Park’s 175th anniversary and explores how the Park has been used and shaped throughout its history. It features paintings from Keith Gardner, a local artist who visited the Park almost every day during his work breaks, whilst employed at the Williamson. It also shows potteries from the Birkenhead Park’s Pottery Group which was established in the 1970s, as part of a government initiative to provide opportunities to young people.

The exhibition runs in Gallery 6 until 8th April. For full visiting information check out Visit Us page.

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