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About This Project

Animal Encounters brings together paintings, drawings, prints and objects from across the museum collection depicting animals in a wide range of settings.

The exhibition is a catalyst for our learning programmes with schools, pre-schoolers and families. The art-work and artefacts selected provides  comment on animal encounters on domestic, natural and manipulated settings.

Animal-themed arts workshops can be arranged for pupils of all ages for the exhibition space. Led by the Williamson’s Learning Team, these sessions can also count towards Arts Award accreditation for your school.  For more information, please contact Kathy Heywood: or 0151 666 3537.

In addition, the Williamson’s exciting partnership with Chester Zoo focuses on the conservation of animals and their habitats.  The world-famous zoo is working to tackle one of the most urgent threats to species worldwide; the illegal wildlife trade. Our exciting partnership is a fantastic opportunity to explore and question our historic and current relationship with the natural world.

The Chester Zoo team are ready to visit your school to deliver FREE interactive workshops with a range of biofacts and activities, to explore our relationship with the natural world, to engage your pupils and to inspire action.

Anya Moon from Chester Zoo explains what they’re up to…

“Last year we launched a campaign to raise awareness, fund and create solutions towards solving this major issue.

“We need the public to be the ‘eyes and ears’ and report anything they suspect could be illegal wildlife trade. To facilitate this, we partnered with Taronga Zoo, San Diego Zoo and TRAFFIC as the European lead on the Wildlife Witness project. People can report wildlife trade in South East Asia through the FREE Wildlife Witness smartphone app with all the information going straight to TRAFFIC to be investigated.

“Following on from this project, we then partnered with the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit and TRAFFIC to develop an online reporting form where members of the public can highlight anyillegal wildlife trade outside of South East Asia and in the UK. We are encouraging BIAZA members to share these reporting resources amongst colleagues, project partners and members of the public in order to work together to help fight the illegal wildlife trade.

“Our flagship project in Java works to protect Indonesian songbirds that are being captured and trapped for the unrelenting cage bird trade. We are working alongside the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre to develop long-term strategies for their survival and are hopeful that we can reintroduce birds back into the wild. Last year saw the launch of our Sing for Songbirds campaign, raising awareness and funds for the conservation of these beautiful and rare songbirds.”

A bit more about the Safari Ranger visit to your school….

For any class visiting the Animal Encounters exhibition, the zoo would like to offer a FREE 50 minute workshop which can be delivered before or after a visit to the Animal Encounters exhibition.

The intrepid Safari Rangers will arrive at your school in the Rangermobile and bring along a host of biofacts for use in your workshops. Elephant tusks, snake skins, macaw feathers, skulls, porcupine quills or ostrich eggs are just a few of the amazing biofacts which our Safari Ranger may use to teach your pupils about the natural world and our relationship with it in our interactive workshop. The zoo’s artefacts really do bring a little bit of the zoo to you!

If you want to run the theme as an immersive cross-curricular learning project within your school the Chester Zoo Safari Ranger team can also visit your school to run a FREE teacher CPD workshop.

To find out more please, contact or call 01244 4389738.

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