ENDED: An Individual Selection from the Williamson’s Collection

Paintings selected by outgoing Principal Museums Officer Colin Simpson, on display in the Cafe.

In Colin’s own words:

painted scene of a large sunset, the sun is low in the sky casting rays into a bright blue patch with clouds at the edges. In the foreground is a path along which a family (including young children) walk, we presume home from a day in fields.

“This is an eclectic and slightly eccentric selection, but it encompasses things that have meant a lot to me, for a wide variety of reasons, over the 40-odd years of my association with the gallery.

I could not make a choice of favourites, that would be too difficult and would include too many, or of acquisitions I am most proud of for the same reason. I have been closely involved with many artists, some of them no longer with us, and have tried to make sure that their lives will not be forgotten, securing items for the gallery’s collection which will be held in perpetuity, allowing future generations to enjoy their work. I have always believed that the fame and notoriety of an artist is a matter of luck and circumstance, not necessarily down to the quality of their work, and many artists dubbed as only of ‘local or regional significance’ are equally capable as nationally celebrated artists.

It is a cliché that ‘every picture tells a story’, but when you have known the artist or been involved in choosing things to acquire, or just from within the museum collection to exhibit, it is inevitably true. I have included a range of personal comments in the picture labels and hope you enjoy the variety.”

Colin Simpson, latterly Principal Museums Officer
Williamson Art Gallery & Museum 1980-84, 1986-2022

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