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About the Artist/Exhibition

Wirral Buddhist Group as part of its 25th Anniversary Celebrations presents a series of talks throughout the 21st of April 2018 in Gallery Four at the Williamson.

From the outside, Tibetan Buddhism can appear more mystical than other forms; but this is often people’s desire for secret or mystical teaching. It does depend on the experience of the nature of mind; but is just another expression of the simple message of Buddhists that “we should all try and live together in peace and harmony.”


11.30 am Buddhism in Pictures: An illustrated lecture covering the origin, spread and teachings of Buddhism.

1.30 pm Core Buddhism – The Facts behind the Myths. A quick look at the core teaching of the Buddha and how this can easily be “lost in translation”.

2.30 pm Tibetan Buddhism – The Facts behind the myths . A quick look at how Buddhism adapts to cultures and has flowed through Tibet for 1500 years

Further details www.wirralbuddhism.org


Lawrence Mair has been a student of Lama Jampa Thaye and HH Sakya Dagchen for 40 years. Under their guidance he has practiced the Mahamudra system of meditation.

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Dates : 21 April 2018
Artist : Wirral Buddhists