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Join in with Rhythm Time- the ultimate musical foundation for preschool children wishing to take up an instrument or do dance.

Parent and baby together
© Tony Charnock Photography 2009

Do you want the best start for your little one, no matter what their own individual needs are? Do you want to watch them grow and develop fantastic new skills whilst having the most amazing musical fun? And what about YOU?  Don’t you deserve to make some fabulous new friends, relax, sing, dance and spend some quality time with your little one every week?

Welcome to Rhythm Time – a weekly class for babies and toddlers with a team that are passionate about music and how it can help enhance your little one’s development.

Every baby, toddler and pre-schooler is an individual with great potential. They will teach you how to make music fun for your child, and show you how you can help to unlock their potential by singing and making music together and all in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Give your child the best start with the Rhythm Time time team which runs until the 16th of July and restarts after the Summer!! For details of times and costs for new classes starting on the 10th of September and for a special session on the 6th of August, go to www.rhythmtime.net or like and follow their Facebook Pag. Just click on this link: www.facebook.com/rhythmtimechesterwirralshrewsbury
Please note that the Gallery is closed to the public on Mondays so please use the doorbell to gain access. Sadly the cafe (which is open to the public Wednesday to Sunday and has great provision for kids) is not open for Rhythm time sessions – families might want to come back on Thursday mornings (in termtime) for our free Make and Explore sessions with Nicola for Under fives and enjoy the children friendly facilities in the cafe or explore our new child friendly Green Gallery (garden).





Dates : Termtime (plus special sessions)

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