• Principal Museums Officer, Colin Simpson by James Deegan

About the Artist/Exhibition

An exhibition of photographic portraits of people connected to the Williamson Art Gallery by local photographer, James Deegan.

James started the photography project ‘People of Oxton’ in late September 2017. The intention was to produce a series of portraits of people who live, work, or regularly visit the Oxton area. The portraits in the ‘People of the Williamson’ exhibition grew from the enthusiasm of the people associated with the gallery to get involved in James’ project.

James explains about his project:-

Emma from the Williamson Cafe by James Deegan

Emma from the Williamson Cafe by James Deegan

“The aim throughout was to put people in a setting that was appropriate or important to them. They are formal portraits, however, with the subject fully aware of the presence of the camera and not simply documentary pictures of people at work. Instead, it is my hope that these ‘environmental portraits give the viewer a brief insight into the lives of the people in the portraits.”

An exhibition of the larger project ‘People of Oxton’ will follow in the spring. If you want to get involved and have a connection to Oxton, please email James as he will be continuing to shoot portraits into 2018. Contact: jamesdeegan10@gmail.com or through his website.

James was born in Birkenhead but after studying for a degree in Audio Visual Design at North Staffs Polytechnic and then relocated to London where he worked for nearly twenty years as a professional photographer and film director. He did photo shoots for magazines, record sleeves and publicity shots for musicians and bands. He also directed over fifty music videos, title sequences and commercials.

Since 2003, as well as pursuing his own photography and writing projects, he has taught photography/art and design in secondary schools and at higher education level. He returned to the Wirral in 2009.

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Dates : 13 January - 4 February 2018
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Artist : James Deegan