• Ken Lewis

About the Artist/Exhibition

Our community art space in Gallery Fourteen features exhibitions from the community, currently showing photography from Ken Lewis.

Kenneth  Lewis’ life in nature photography began with a general fascination with the natural world. He was introduced to nature by his late father, and Kenneth fondly remembers, as a young child of six years old, walking to the far end of Lake Bala in North Wales. This is a memory which has stayed with him to this day, as he recalls, “my father pointed out the enchanting call of the curlew and, at that moment in time, my direction in life was changed forever”.

Ken spent most of his working life as a maintenance engineer and his photography was a hobby. In his thirties, he joined the Merseyside Naturalist Group, which gave him a greater insight into a world of natural beauty close to his home turf, and a knowledge of sites of interest and beauty to visit throughout the North West of England. However, this alone was not enough for Kenneth who, not satisfied to simply to watch the world of nature on the sidelines as a casual observer, wanted to explore further, to understand the things he saw, and to capture them forever. Photography, of course, was the answer, and with assistance from his brother Allan – a freelance Photographer – Kenneth took his first steps into nature photography.

The shift from being a hobby to being a business, happened 16 years ago when he took early retirement. He specialises in local scenic themes and world wide nature images, which he turns into prints, printed gifts and cards and sells through our own gift shop.



Dates : 8 February -4 March 2017
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