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Celebrating Chinese Culture in Merseyside with China Spirit.

Chinese paintingChina Spirit UK (hand in hand with Team Shaolin) held its first ever 1-day International Chinese Martial Arts competition in October 2016 at the Oval Leisure Centre in Bebington, UK. This was a great success, with more than 100 individual competitors. It started with a grand opening ceremony, which included traditional Chinese Lion Dance, Chinese fashion show and Chinese harp.  The participating clubs were invited to showcase their talents, with more than 100 people demonstrating tai chi at the same time. The competitors that took part were not just from the UK, but also from the USA, Japan and a number of EU countries; this totalled around 100 individual competitors. The event at the Williamson will build and expand on the success of the 2016 competition.

What’s on:

9:00- 12:00:  *Masterclass and Audience with Master Wu Bin
12:15  – 12:35: Traditional Chinese Lion Dance and Tai Chi  demonstration
12:35  – 12:50: Chinese Traditional fashion show
12:50  – 13:00: Chinese Traditional Dance
13:00 – 16:00
  • Exhibition of Antiques Chinese Porcelain. An expert will be available to value your items
  • Famous calligraphy artist from China, Mr Guo Rui will showcase some of his paintings and teach basic calligraphy skills
  • Chinese Medicine doctor will answer your health questions and talk about the benefits of acupuncture.
  • How to care for your bonsai tree?
  • How to tame a Chinese Lion – workshop
  • The Magic of Tai Chi – workshop

China Spirit UK is a not-for-profit organization, a social enterprise, which has been founded in 2012. It has built upon and expanding our previous business, Spirit of Chinese Kung Fu, which has been delivered successfully in Wirral and Merseyside since 2006.

Entrance is free to the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum and the building is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am until 5pm (* only workshop participants will be able to enter the gallery at 9am). To find out more, download the latest newsletter for information about about forthcoming exhibitions and events.



Dates : 24 June 2018
Artist : China Spirit

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