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Our Gallery 14 shop which stocks work by local artists, craftspeople and designers, is currently closed. However you can continue supporting our sellers through their own online platforms.

Click the images below to find out more information about some of our sellers, their work and how to buy from them online.

Rebecca Christian

Rebecca Christian

Rebecca Christian is a local illustrator, artist & designer.

Her designs feature peacock feathers, flowers, butterflies, squirrels, owls and the birds & the bees.

Search her range of wildlife inspired products – including including art prints, jewellery, ladies scarves – and quirky greeting cards at:

ETSY – RebeccaChristianShop

Facebook: Rebecca Christian,

Twitter @illustratorbeck

Instagram @illustratorbeck

George Evans

George Evans

I’m a Wirral based photographer producing photographic artwork which is pictorial in style with the subject matter ranging from landscapes and architecture to textured flowers and digital infrared in both colour and monochrome.

My prints are all Open Edition to make them as affordable as possible.

My website is

My sales site is

Marianthi Lainas

Marianthi Lainas

Marianthi’s work is inspired by the littoral landscape and wild coastal edges of our lands.

She uses experimental camera-less techniques alongside traditional photographic processes, most recently working with light-sensitive papers out at the strandline, exposing them to the dynamic elements of wind, waves and sand.”

Website/ online store:

Nicola McGovern

Nicola McGovern

Nicola makes intricate multi-layered papercut artworks which make great personalised keepsake gifts including custom house portraits and people, pet and vehicle/campervan illustrations.

Ready-to-ship items are also available including original papercut art, Merseyside Christmas cards and prints, laser cut wooden jewellery and Christmas decorations.

Online Shop:

Facebook: Imagine Attic

Instagram: Imagine Attic

Carla Pownall

Carla Pownall

Decorative, ovenproof tableware, plates, bowls, teapots in subtle glazes 

My latest Raku technique is supplied to galleries in the North of England.

Beautiful unglazed and tactile pale coloured pots with contrasting fine threaded smoke detail.

I gain tremendous satisfaction from teaching in my Wirral studio/gallery in the garden.

Instagram: Carlapownallceramics

Facebook: Carla Pownall Ceramics

Crafty Proton

Crafty Proton

My handmade business involves making beautiful things for your home that are made from ceramic tiles, clay, concrete and wood. I make plant pot holders, coasters, clocks, bud vases and lanterns. Each of these items are hand decorated with my own unique designs.

If you see anything that you would like just send me a message through Facebook or Instagram. You can also email me at

Alison Bailey Smith

Alison Bailey Smith

Alison, like many of us, is increasingly aware of how wasteful our society is.

A staple ingredient in Alison’s work is wire reclaimed from old televisions. There is always a high component of re-used materials in her work,  charity shop finds or sweetie wrappers. During 2020 she has worked solely with materials already within the home where possible.

See and order her work on her website


and on Facebook, Twitter

and Instagram

Jo Vickers

Jo Vickers

Though often mistaken for digital art, my work is painstakingly hand painted with bold, even colour and crisp lines. My work is graphic in style, playful and accessible. I paint real places, but rather than being geographically accurate, buildings are stacked and crammed onto the canvas. This messiness is balanced with precise lines; smooth, blended brushstrokes and carefully chosen colour palettes.

Facebook: Jo Vickers Art

You can also still shop with Oxton Books, located in the Williamson, and purchase prints from our collection on request. Head to our Marketplace page to find out how.

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