“The Friendly Gala”

The second touring exhibition from BAFTA at the Williamson Art Gallery prompted yet another evening of fun at the gallery in 2017. This time it was in celebration of the film “Bugsy Malone” so the sequins and boas came out in keeping with the art deco style surroundings.

Colin Simpson, Principal Museums Officer for Wirral Museums said of the exhibition:

“On the 10th of February 2017, paying guests stepped in to the Williamson to step out for an evening of music and dancing. The Williamson Art Gallery were delighted to be hosting their second exhibition, showing the photographic images taken behind the scenes during the making of the classic film BUGSY MALONE. The event celebrated friendship and collaboration, with the return of the Speakeasy Bootleg Band, the vocal trio The Night and Days and more, with fabulous catering and a charleston lesson with Mersey Swing. The event once all expenses were covered raised over £700 for The Green Gallery.”