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About the Artist/Exhibition

East meets West exhibition celebrating the work of Sushil Kumar Datta- artist, textile designer, friend in yoga.

Design by Datta

Design by Datta

In the late 1960s and 1970s eyes were turning to India for inspiration in philosophy, music and art. Indian patterns were all the rage and Sushil Datta was one of the designers who carried that forward.

This exhibition looks at his early days in India, born in 1938 in a small village now in Bangladesh, his journey to the UK and his career as a creator of fabrics and wallpapers for Edinburgh Weavers, Sanderson, John Lewis and Cole & Sons amongst others. It includes both commercial projects and designs that were never put into production.

The vivid colours and the swirling intricacy of the designs are a stunning reminder of the boldness of the period and Sush Datta’s delight in bringing the best of Indian style to the West.

He continued as a teacher in Bolton before retirement and now lives in

Mr Datta - designer of vibrant fabrics

Mr Datta – designer of vibrant fabrics


In addition, an exhibition based on Sush Datta’s own regime in yoga is in the Community Gallery until 11th June.

We are delighted to get some insight into these two very different but interconnected exhibitions through the Williamson Talks organised by the Williamson and Priory Friends.

Saturday 3rd June 11am 

Sush Datta will give a talk about his life in yoga and a demonstration.

Saturday 1st July 11am

Sush Datta will give a talk about his life, experience and thoughts on design in his exhibition. To download the poster click here Williamson Talk SD 2nd 2017

The talks are always free but donations are welcomed to the charity.

For more info about exhibitions and events – download our latest WAG WM May June 2017 Newsletter


Dates : 27 May – 2 July 2017
Artist : Sushil Datta